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Happy New Year, friends! While I will definitely keep updating Bake It in a Cake with more cupcake recipes this year (hooray!), I have also started my own personal blog with more non-cake recipes and words about music and life and whatever else my brain’s obsessing over at the moment (hooray again, I think!).

So if you want to get to know a little more about me, check out And if you’re a food fanatic who wants to skip straight to the good stuff, here’s one of the first posts, a recipe for homemade fluffernutters! They’re SO GOOD.

Do you have a reason to celebrate? Make the most of the special occasion with these cupcake stuffed cupcakes! They’re the ultimate birthday (or new job or anniversary or just-because-it’s-Tuesday) treat!

Here’s how you make them.

Since we’re surrounded by Cadbury Creme Eggs, why not bake some into a cupcake? The official recipe is in my cookbook, Bake It in a Cupcake, but you can also use a box mix if you’re pinched for time. 

Tip: Sprinkle a couple handfuls of CADBURY MINI EGGS on your brownie batter before baking. The brownies bake up around the eggs so you end up with creamy chunks of chocolate in the middle of every bite!

Finally! Lemon meringue pie in a cupcake! The cream cheese cupcake is stuffed with a mini lemon pie and the whole thing is topped with a sweet cloud of toasted meringue. Magic. Here’s the recipe.

Happy Saturday! Today’s to-do list:

  1. Bake a brownie in a cupake.
  2. Frost it with cookies ‘n cream frosting.
  3. Eat and be happy.

Here’s the recipe!

I have another recipe on the great! These chocolate truffle brownies are filled with Valentine chocolates and topped with a rich ganache. And they’re super easy to make, too! Perfect for the procrastinator. Get the recipe here.

Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with these red hot cream cheese cupcakes! See what I did there? Turn up the heat? Because the candies are hot. Anyway! Here’s how you make them!

Still don’t know what kind of treat you want to make for Valentine’s Day? That’s okay! Here are five different delicious recipes that I wholeheartedly recommend for the holiday. And even if you think Valentine’s Day is dumb, you at least like one more excuse to eat some sugar, right? 

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 (Or happy Sugar-Eating Day… whichever you’d prefer.)

You’ve seen me bake a heart in a cake, but I know not all love stories have a happy ending. And what better way to heal a broken heart than to bake it in a cupcake, top it with some delicious dark chocolate cherry frosting, and devour it?

Here’s how!

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