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About Bake It in a Cake

Bake It in a Cake was born in two stages. 

Bake It in a Cake (the obsession) started on Easter morning, 2010, when I, Megan Seling, bought a box of cake mix and a 12-pack of mini Cadbury Eggs just to see if I could bake the Cadbury Eggs into the center of cupcakes. I’ve always loved baking, and my goal was to create a masterpiece worthy of being posted on or the front-page of Reddit.

It worked!

And just like that, a new hobby was born. (What can I say, I latch on to new ideas easily—one time I listened to the same Phil Collins song every hour, every day for a week just to see if I could. Not all my ideas are good, okay?)

Bake It in a Cake (the blog) was born several months later, in August of 2010, when I told the internet about the time I put a cherry pie into a chocolate cupcake. The internet LOVED it, and they wanted to see more, so I decided to put all my baking adventures into a blog.

These days, I’m baking 5-7 batches of cupcakes a week, and they’re all crammed full of things like rainbows, pies, baklava and candy bars. And while that might sound exhausting, it’s actually a lot of fun. Some ideas turn out 10 times better than I could’ve ever predicted, some ideas completely fail—all of them have been interesting, though.

To answer the most common question: No, I’m not a professional baker nor do I have any professional baking experience (well, there was that one time I baked 80 different kinds of Martha Stewart cookies in two months…). I do this in my spare time, when I’m not writing about food, rock music, and/or movies for a weekly newspaper in Seattle called The Stranger

Someday, I’d love to have a cupcake shop. Or even a cookbook. But most importantly, I just want to give people five minutes of happy drooling in front of their computers, or better yet, inspire them to get into the kitchen and try something crazy. Because, come on, it’s fun to be crazy.

Have you baked something inside a cake? Send some photos! I would love to share it.

Don’t worry, the cat made it out alive.

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