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YOU GUYS. I MADE A SHARKNADO CAKE. Regrettably, I did not cut it with a chainsaw.

I made a poo emoji cupcake! Because that’s what happens when you use a round pastry tip with chocolate frosting. It looks like poo.

Good news! finally has some copies of my cookbook back in stock! Go buy one and shove in an Easter basket! It shows you how to make those Cadbury Creme Egg-stuffed cupcakes!

Happy National Pancake Day! I’m going to celebrate by baking some pancakes into a cake. Here’s the recipe!

Hey, look! I finally joined Instagram! Follow me if you like pictures of cupcakes, dessert, and the occasional picture of the puppies I meet on the street. 

Whether you’re head over heels in love this Valentine’s Day, or nursing a broken heart, there’s a cupcake for you! Here’s how to make both the heart-filled and the broken heart cupcakes.

The Depressed Cake Shop is coming to Nashville! 

Unlike other bake sales, the Depressed Cake Shop is a one-day pop-up shop that sells only gray treats as a way to bring attention to and fight stigmas against mental health issues. 

The first Depressed Cake Shop was hosted in the UK by Emma Cakehead last August, and over 30 bake sales have happened across the world since, raising over $25,000.

Nashville’s Depressed Cake Shop is Saturday, March 15, at the Stone Fox (they serve great brunch, too!), and admission is totally FREE. All proceeds will benefit Centerstone in Nashville. You can learn more about their work at

You learn more about the Depressed Cake Shop at

This event is open to all, so invite your friends! And here’s the Facebook event page, if you’d like to share/RSVP. 

Valentine’s Day is this Friday! And I bet your sweetheart would love some red hot cream cheese cupcakes. Here’s how to make them! 

I baked the 12th man into a cupcake because that is how much I love Seattle! <3

Happy New Year, friends! While I will definitely keep updating Bake It in a Cake with more cupcake recipes this year (hooray!), I have also started my own personal blog with more non-cake recipes and words about music and life and whatever else my brain’s obsessing over at the moment (hooray again, I think!).

So if you want to get to know a little more about me, check out And if you’re a food fanatic who wants to skip straight to the good stuff, here’s one of the first posts, a recipe for homemade fluffernutters! They’re SO GOOD.

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